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Sukhi Sidhu

Senior Operations Manager

Sukhi Sidhu has been with NSSL for 14 years.

Sukhi joined NSSL in 2010. As Operations Supervisor, Sukhi plays a key role in delivering operational excellence for our customers every day.

About Sukhi Sidhu

Sukhi's focus is keeping the operation moving at peak efficiency and effectiveness. Sukhi is a liaison between the drivers and clients and is also responsible for scheduling drivers and ensuring our equipment is properly maintained.

Sukhi is driven by helping influence the growth of the organization, always looking for ways we can take the next step toward growth. Seeing more and more NSSL-logoed trucks in yards always puts a smile on Sukhi's face. Sukhi also enjoys playing sports, watching great TV shows, and learning about new technology.
moves today
25 /day
average move reduction when switching to NSSL
92 %
driver retention
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