How efficient is your yard operation?

Answer a few simple questions about your operation, and we’ll calculate the potential annual savings that increased efficiency could bring to your business.


Yard Management Logistics is the practice of safely and efficiently coordinating all of the moving parts within your yard/distribution center. When executed properly, yard management logistics eliminates wasted space, human resources, and unnecessary liability.
By condensing all the activity within your yard into quickly digestible, real-time data. This enables you and your logistics team to not only make adjustments as soon as they’re needed, it also gives you the ability to accurately forecast your future needs.
A shunt is what happens when a shunt truck pins to a designated trailer, and moves the trailer to a predetermined location within the yard. Shunting is the ongoing process of shunt trucks moving trailers to and from designated locations in and around the yard.
The terms shunting, spotting, and jockeying are often used interchangeably, which can lead to confusion. They all refer to a closely related family of supply chain activities that involve short-distance hauling and/or temporary relocation of trailers.
On average, NSSL’s equipment is less than 2-3 years old. As an organization, we invest heavily in new and late model equipment to ensure the most efficient, error-free yard operation possible. Many companies that claim to offer similar services to NSSL use older equipment to cut costs, which often leads to mechanical failures and delays within the yard.
Typically, the minimum distance for shuttling services would be 2 kilometres, with the maximum distance being as much as 20 kilometers.
To maximize efficiency, NSSL will generally use day-cab trucks for our shuttling services as shunting trucks are governed and restricted to speeds under 30 km/h.
Yes! All NSSL employees are required to supply a background check before they join our team.
All NSSL employees working in a security capacity are required to have valid security training and licensing, based on the regions they will be operating in.
That is totally fine! We have multiple resources that can work directly work with your internal field managers to achieve your yard’s goals.
That’s correct. All of our field managers possess in cab experience, and a valid A-Z license.
Field managers are typically on-site daily to assist with everything from scheduling to supply chain troubleshooting.
The truth is, you don’t. However, if NSSL is operating on-site, you’ll receive optimal results by pairing our Operations team’s expertise with the system they know best: Shuntware®.
Yes, it can be. As Shuntware® has evolved, so has its ability to complement existing systems. Whether you’d like it to talk to your WMS (Warehouse Management Software), or an internally based software, Shuntware® is EDI capable, and ready to work in conjunction with the programs your operation currently utilizes.
Available to integrate with whatever custom systems you have in place.
Shuntware® is indeed a web-based solution. Hosted externally, and managed internally with state-of-the-art safety measures, Shuntware® is offered through Google Chrome or Firefox. This enables you to start using it any compatible device, and a stable internet connection.
Shuntware® can be accessed via iOS, Android, Mac, or PC.
Although there is not specifically a mobile application for Shuntware®, it operates on mobile platforms in iOS, and Android.
Before implementing Shuntware® on-site, we build a list of the personnel who will have access, and what level of access they’ll receive. Whether dispatching moves through the gatehouse, or running reports from an administrative standpoint, there are specific classifications for different security levels. This ensures your data is safe and tailors each individual's access to their individual needs.
In short, VERY secure. Shuntware® is hosted by an industry leading cloud based infrastructure service provider to ensure stability and security across our platform.
Shuntware®’s cost will vary based on usage subscription. Each new site will incur an implementation fee, and cost will increase incrementally based on the amount of work that flows through the software.
The ROI and productivity to be gained from using Shuntware® are up to the organization utilizing it. By identifying KPI’s and the measurements that mean the most to your firm, you can maximize resource utilization to reduce costs on various fronts, and gain visibility in parts of your yard that have never been observed before.
Currently, we do not offer our YMS as a stand-alone solution.
There is an implementation fee. The cost of this will vary based on the size of your site and how long it takes to have the software installed.
Initial training and support are included in the implementation fee. If extra time is needed, we will collaborate with you to identify exactly what additional costs will be incurred before the system is installed.
Depending on the size of your site, Shuntware® can be up and running within 2-7 days.
From C-Suite executives to Warehouse technicians, Shuntware® training is provided across the whole organization, as long as the needs are listed throughout the go-live agreement.
There are various key team members that conduct a Shuntware® Go-Live. The roster is typically comprised of a deep bench of team members from all functions: IT & Systems Administration, Field Operations, and Quality, as well as your assigned Customer Advocacy Specialist.
Yes, Shuntware® can provide customized reports. By first consulting with your firm to identify specific productivity drivers at your site, reports can be developed to provide unparalleled insight into the KPIs that matter most.
Shuntware® provides an initial reporting suite that consists of over 10 reports to get you started.
Yes, there is. Whether it is the Financial Department running cost-related reporting, Account Management constructing site-specific metrics, or Operations gaining insight into scheduling efficiency, there are various parties working to optimize your Shuntware® experience.
Typically, NSSL plans for 2-3 months to effectively implement and assess a site after the initial start. At this point, we start to develop creative scheduling, KPI tracking, and proactive, solution-based approaches to the current operational structure.
No, NSSL has a highly qualified team and will assign a project leader who will quarterback the transition from beginning to end. This project leader will have access to a deep bench of our industry’s best talent to call upon through each stage of the implementation.
It is very rare that additional training is required, as the system is designed to be intuitive and it is our experience that users are off and running with limited training. However, NSSL can coordinate additional training support for an hourly fee. Quick reference guides and a usage simulator will be available to help reinforce system flow and end user usage.
If NSSL is operating a dedicated shunting operation at your site, the hourly rates will vary. The only instance in which we charge per move is if you are participating in our On-Demand shunting program, and these rates will vary based on the required response time.
NSSL strives to offer a unique, and experienced approach to effective yard management. Saying that, if you are not using Shuntware, it is possible for us to review your current analysis and numbers, and try to help build efficiencies if given sufficient access.
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