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Ray Stewart

President & CEO

Ray Stewart has been with NSSL for 37 years.

As President & CEO, Ray provides strategic leadership and direction for our entire organization.

About Ray Stewart

Ray was influential in Cobourg Cartage as Director of Operations from the late 1980s through 1999. Ray was responsible for new acquisitions, account management, and improving day-to-day operational efficiencies. Under Ray’s direction and vision, the portfolio of the company extended to logistics, warehousing, and shunting.

Ray came to the understanding that the lack of expertise, support, and improvement provided by 3PLs when servicing the yard was glaring. As an executive centred on operations, Ray knew that the inefficiency of yard management and the stress it added to the logistics process was unacceptable. And so, National Shunt Service Limited was established to service this need with an effective approach focused on superior execution and sophisticated operations.

Today, Ray is tasked with providing leadership across all segments of the business. He works with the management team to establish long-term goals, determine strategy, plan the execution, and continuously refine policies in our ever-changing industry. Overseeing the growth of the business into a successful, large-scale, international servicing company ,while maintaining the ease of business and level of service associated with a smaller firm has been a priority. Fiscal management, strategic partnerships, and customer service are all areas Ray is proud to be involved. But more importantly, the establishment and maintenance of National Shunt's culture is key to ensuring the success of the business moving forward.
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92 %
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