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Paramdeep Dhindsa

Head of Operations Canada

Paramdeep Dhindsa has been with NSSL for 15 years.

Paramdeep is a veteran member of our team at NSSL who oversees our day-to-day operations and guides strategic decision making so our organization continues to improve.

About Paramdeep Dhindsa

Paramdeep has been instrumental in NSSL's growth for nearly a decade. He was on the team who developed the original version of Shuntware and is very proud of how it has been refined and improved since its launch. In his role as Sr. Operations Manager, Paramdeep oversees the execution of day-to-day operational duties and helps strategically guide the development of NSSL's operations. He's happiest when the team members on the ground arrive and leave for the day with a smile on their faces.

Paramdeep displays his passion and commitment for NSSL every day—he would rather work than sleep! When he's not guiding the operations team, Paramdeep enjoys hockey and swimming.
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25 /day
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92 %
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