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Paige Motta

Executive Assistant/Office Administrator

Paige Motta has been with NSSL for 5 years.

Paige keeps our leadership team organized and focused in her role as Executive Assistant, in addition to maintaining a positive, productive environment for our team members and guests.

About Paige Motta

As Executive Assistant, Paige supports NSSL's leadership team by coordinating schedules, communication, travel, and priorities. She ensures that visitors feel welcome and comfortable when they visit our office, in addition to spreading positivity among the team members she interacts with throughout the day. Paige plays a key role in making sure NSSL team members have the tools they need to do their jobs.

Paige's upbeat personality and optimistic outlook are a great match for our culture at NSSL. Her favorite thing about working here is the friendly environment, sense of family, and can-do attitude of the team. In her leisure time, Paige enjoys baking for her friends and family.
moves today
25 /day
average move reduction when switching to NSSL
92 %
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