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Michael Jaszczur

Systems Administrator

Michael Jaszczur has been with NSSL for 7 years.

Michael is one of our technology gurus at NSSL. He joined the team in 2017, and every day he supports the organization by ensuring technological uptime and mastering new skills in his field.

About Michael Jaszczur

Michael harnesses the capabilities of computers and technology to keep our organization running efficiently and effectively. He is a skilled problem solver and quick learner who can successfully troubleshoot even the most complex issues. He's meticulous about keeping all devices up to date and operating at their peak performance.

Michael is constantly seeking to master new advanced technologies and his goal every day is to walk out the door with all systems operational. When he's not dialed in to technology, Michael relaxes by reading, playing sports, and enjoying spending time outdoors.
moves today
25 /day
average move reduction when switching to NSSL
92 %
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