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Lorne Stewart


Lorne's expertise and countless years of experience in the transportation industry provide NSSL with valuable thought leadership.

About Lorne Stewart

Having founded Cobourg Cartage many years ago, Lorne continues to play an integral role in the short term and long term decision-making of National Shunt Service leadership team.

Lorne actively participates in all areas the business, bringing a level of industry specific knowledge to all areas of the NSSL operation. It is his commitment to maintaining an unrivalled level of customer service that has permeated through the organization, a commitment that is shared and practiced every day by each employee at National Shunt Service.

Lorne, along with his three sons have long been avid supporters of the Canadian Football League. To date, Lorne has attended over 45 Grey Cups across Canada, and has been a season ticket holder for close to 30 years!
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25 /day
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92 %
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