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Helen Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Helen Smith has been with NSSL for 8 years.

Helen joined NSSL in 2016 as Controller. She's responsible for ensuring everyone on the team understands how they can increase efficiency and drive revenue growth and profit.

About Helen Smith

As financial controller, Helen's main responsibility is reporting and forecasting of business financials, working with all functions within the organization to drive understanding of each role's influence on the overall efficiency of the business so they can drive revenue growth and profit. Helen's favorite aspect of working at NSSL is our culture and people. Her ideal day begins with physical heavy lifting at the gym, followed by mental "heavy lifting" solving business problems to advance the organization toward our strategic goals.

Helen is highly curious and always exploring new things. When she's not overseeing the financial well-being of our organization, you can find her enjoying live music, barbecuing steaks for friends, or traveling by sea and air. Not only does Helen run a "tight ship" in her role at NSSL, one of her goals this year is to take an advanced navigational sailing course!
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