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Chad Stewart

Chief Logistics Officer

Chad is responsible for managing existing relationships with a focus on ensuring each client’s unique key performance indicators are defined and attained.

About Chad Stewart

Chad has a background in driving, customer service, and transportation management, which give him the well-rounded experience to work on partnerships in a variety of functions. Collaborating with the stakeholders in order to align goals and milestones to achieve operational success is how Chad determines success. Understanding the business from many angles gives Chad the ability to provide clients the expertise and insight to provide realistic targets when designing and implementing strategies within the yard management process. The experience allows for the implementation of streamlined logistic functions and increased productivity through effective training, communication, and constant analysis of performance.

Chad enjoys the challenge of transitioning new business and site start-up projects – including training, orientation, change management, and ongoing relationship management. He's passionate about co-leading the cross-functional Joint Health and Safety Committee, and he's proud to help continue to maintain our exceptional corporate CVOR rating.
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