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Carrie Hood

Accounting Manager

Carrie Hood has been with NSSL for 11 years.

In her role as Accounting Manager, Carrie provides the data and support we need to guide strategic decisions that foster growth at NSSL.

About Carrie Hood

Carrie joined NSSL in 2013 and works hard every day to identify the story in the financial data of our organization. Her favourite part of working at NSSL is working as a team with her co-workers.

In Carrie's spare time, she enjoys spending time in nature pursuing a variety of different hobbies. She uses the same sleuthing skills she applies at work pursuing a game similar to geocaching that uses QR technology. She treasures the time she spends with her family boating and relaxing outdoors.
moves today
25 /day
average move reduction when switching to NSSL
92 %
driver retention