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Brent Hasson

Logistics Manager

Brent Hasson has been with NSSL for 11 years.

Since 2013, Brent has been leading teams of logistics professionals at NSSL ensuring customers experience continued success.

About Brent Hasson

Brent manages a team of logistics professionals, from the office staff to drivers. He is passionate about ensuring every decision is made to support the success of our customers. An ideal day for Brent ends with customers and employees satisfied and proud of the day's results.

Brent's passion for experiences doesn't stop with creating great ones for our customers. Brent believes that experiences, not things, are the key to living life to the fullest. His hobbies include spending time outdoors hunting and fishing. Brent always meets his targets—both as a passionate manager and an accomplished archer!
moves today
25 /day
average move reduction when switching to NSSL
92 %
driver retention
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