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Andrew Emrick

Account Development Partner

Andrew Emrick has been with NSSL for 4 years.

He has been organizing and managing all the behind-the-scenes aspects of our Sales and Marketing department while supporting the operations of NSSL in any way that he can.

About Andrew Emrick

Andrew values relationship building and the constant urge to learn and grow to make him a great leader for our Sales and Marketing team. He values listening and understanding first to ensure he and his team deliver the best possible solutions to our customers' and future customers' problems. Andrew's favourite moments at NSSL are spending quality time with our leadership team at events or just a casual dinner. He is looking forward to expanding his relationships with the leadership team and our customers, and continuing his journey with NSSL.

During Andrew's time away from work, he enjoys spending time with his friends and golfing. He also enjoys a nice cocktail to end his workweek, (or maybe a few cocktails) while listening to some good music.
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92 %
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