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Aaron Peart

IT Infrastructure and Deployment Manager

Aaron ensures all technical systems are operating properly and helps plan and execute large technology projects and initiatives.

About Aaron Peart

As Sr. IT Specialist, Aaron's role includes database administration, data analysis and reporting, system design, and executing Shuntware to go live. He enjoys interfacing between clients, operations, and IT to turn business requirements into systems solutions. One of Aaron's proudest moments was playing an instrumental part in launching the current version of Shuntware.

Aaron relishes the dynamic work environment at NSSL and is excited to be part of our continued growth. In his free time, Aaron enjoys long-distance cycling, camping, and producing music. Does Aaron look a little familiar? You may recognize him from the 10 years he spent touring BC as part of his former death metal band in the early 2000s.
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25 /day
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92 %
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