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Tammy Moore

Head of People and Business Continuity

Tammy Moore has been with NSSL for 5 years.

Tammy has been with NSSL since 2019, overseeing the people side of our business by introducing new strategies, policies, and programs. She supports our management team through the life cycle of an employee, helping in any way they can to help them thrive and develop their career path at NSSL.

About Tammy Moore

A natural relationship builder, Tammy’s focus is to maintain and improve NSSL’s culture of connectivity and family. She strives to be a great source of support for all our employees. Tammy values listening and understanding to ensure she is delivering the best possible solution to our team members.

Tammy enjoys spending quality time with employees and discussing the next steps to achieving their career goals at NSSL. She is looking forward to expanding on her role by creating an improved people strategy, up-to-date policies, and programs to keep NSSL’s team moving in the right direction.

When Tammy is away from work, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and the occasional shopping spree!
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