March 3, 2021 | Success Stories

Virtual Deployment: How NSSL Keeps Projects Moving During a Pandemic

The Customer

Our client on this project is a Canadian-based supermarket and retail chain, with stores stretching through every province. This new project was the fifth distribution site installment of their franchise located in Caledon, Ontario.

The Challenge

We needed to get a new site up and running for our client during this “new normal” we are living in; ensuring the onsite environment was safe and team members’ health was the number one priority. We had to lower the number of on-site team members and shunters to uphold the safety regulations at play. 

Our Shuntware training sessions could no longer be in person, due to health and safety concerns. We had to adopt a fully online training format for the team members, in order to upgrade their efficiency and communication with our software. Transitioning to a remote learning environment and organizing minimal in-person meetings created a new challenge that we had to quickly adapt to. 

The organization within the job site was all on paper and causing a lack of visibility of their trucks and products. We needed to step in with our Shuntware yard management software to fix that problem with upholding safety regulations, making in-person training and integration impossible. 

The Solution

We provided six webinars with the team working on the project instead of in-person training sessions. We spent days adapting to the new training environment to ensure that any team member working on the site was fully informed. 

With a full online communication environment, there of course were some mishaps, from online training integration with newcomers to the eLearning space and organizing appropriate numbers of the team on the job site, we were flexible with every curveball thrown our way. With conferencing software, we used screen sharing for easy teaching by going step-by-step with the team, making the integration of Shuntware simple and easy to learn. Our software also made the organization of trucks and supplies easy to follow and track, making sure our client’s worries were obsolete when it came to tracking his products and team. 

With the on-site social distancing regulations, we created an organized schedule for everyone who was and was not on-site, ensuring that the safety and well-being of their team were a priority. We enlisted a team of NSSL employees to be on the job site every day to be of assistance. We also had a hotline available for any team member who had questions or concerns. 

The Result

Our client has completely restructured its organization systems for their yard management. Their communication has clarified, visibility and control over their products and trucks have increased, and their communication with their team has improved. All with the challenges of 2021 being in place. 

Thanks to our incredible clients, we want to improve our integration of our eLearning of Shuntware into our everyday work in the future. Our experience with them had led the virtual training initiative to grow and positively influence other clients of ours. Here at NSSL, our team went above and beyond to adopt this new technology into our site development process, being flexible and adaptable with every challenge. With the new requirements 2021 has gifted us, we still exceeded our own expectations as well as our clients by keeping everyone safe and healthy throughout our entire process.