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Paramdeep Dhindsa

Field Operations

Paramdeep Dhindsa has been with NSSL for 15 years.

Paying it Forward with NSSL Values

Paramdeep Dhindsa's Story

Paramdeep Dhindsa’s story is one of our favorites here at NSSL. Now our National Manager of Field Operations for our Greater Toronto Area operations, Paramdeep oversees 40 NSSL sites and has four operations supervisors who work closely under his leadership. Paramdeep is always busy keeping the wheels of NSSL turning day and night, interacting with clients and drivers, and liaising with compliance and human resources. Now an invaluable member of NSSL’s leadership, Paramdeep’s story didn’t start in the office here at headquarters.

Soon after arriving in Canada, Paramdeep was doing some long haul driving when his brother, also a driver, told him about a new opportunity. The company his brother was working for had open positions that would allow Paramdeep to use his driving expertise and be home with his family every night. He said the company was growing and that this might be the perfect opportunity.

This was 2009, and the company was NSSL. Paramdeep arrived for his interview with Al and Chad Stewart with his safety shoes on, and was delighted to see that the brothers were also wearing their safety shoes. Paramdeep was hired on the spot and began his journey as a shunt driver for NSSL.

Over the next few years, Paramdeep shunted right alongside Al and Chad, which gave him great insight into the values of the company they were working so hard to grow. He embraced the “roll-up-your-sleeves” mentality of the company, and under Al and Chad’s mentorship, began to develop his leadership skills. His dedication to operational excellence was recognized by NSSL’s leadership, and Paramdeep was first promoted to site coach, then supervisor and beyond, and finally to his current position as Sr. Operations Manager for the GTA.

The collaborative, supportive culture of NSSL is what Paramdeep naturally lives and breathes every day. He loves to put on his safety shoes, jump in a cab, and show the guys in the field that he’s still got the moves—he can still shunt with the best of them! This direct experience in the field has enabled Paramdeep to successfully coach and mentor the employees he interacts with. He’s spent many days in safety shoes and has a unique understanding of the challenges NSSL employees face in the field every shift.

Paramdeep’s approach to training and development through shoulder-to-shoulder coaching has been a great asset to NSSL and embodies the environment that senior leadership is constantly striving to create. Paramdeep shows through his actions every day his perspective that everyone has value and everyone has their own unique potential—it’s up to leaders to help them discover and realize it.

While he claims to not be an “office guy”, we’re grateful to have Paramdeep leading our team here at headquarters and in the field. Nothing makes us prouder as an organization than seeing people like Paramdeep grow and succeed.
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