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Sierra Wales

U.S. People & Culture Generalist

Sierra Wales has been with NSSL for 5 years.

Take a more in-depth look at one of our shining star team members here at NSSL, Sierra Wales, and how she dramatically impacts our organization's culture.

Sierra Wales 's Story

Meet our U.S. People & Culture Generalist in our Human Resources Department, Sierra Wales. Her role with NSSL requires establishing and managing the people and culture function within our organization and improving our team's communication methods. She supports the NSSL team's development while fostering and implementing people programs and products to align the organization with our vision and strategic goals. Sierra has been a part of the NSSL team since January of 2019, working in the Human Resources Department.

With over nine years of Human Resources experience, she quickly advanced into her current role from her original position as Human Resources Coordinator with NSSL. She began her journey with NSSL working closely with the field operations team members. "I like that I don’t have to be at my desk all of the time! I am always out on the field, interacting with drivers and other team members", Sierra said when talking about transitioning into the People & Culture Generalist role.

She has brought significant change to our team's interpersonal connection within the workplace by making employee engagement a priority. "Working on preventing the escalation of conflicts and conflict resolutions is extremely helpful for any company workplace," Sierra said when explaining her implementation of this practice into NSSL. "We’re committed to knowing our drivers, and listening to them. Constantly trying to improve our employee experience helps avoid those escalations, improving employee morale. It’s about making everyone feel heard and respected."

When asked about the culture at NSSL, Sierra had this to say: "The team is always open to new ideas, always welcoming change if it can produce a positive outcome for the team."

Sierra has impacted the NSSL team enormously. She has shaped our organization's culture by implementing proactive techniques, consistently improving communication between our team members.
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