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Brent Hasson

Logistics Manager

Brent Hasson has been with NSSL for 11 years.

Take a more in-depth look at one of our key team members here at NSSL, Brent Hasson, and how he grew our logistics department to what it is today.

Brent Hasson 's Story

Meet our Logistics Manager, Brent Hasson. Brent joined the NSSL team in 2013, and his role includes managing all logistics and distribution elements of our organization, from owning relationships with partner carriers to overseeing the dedicated fleet that services very important customers in the utility space. Brent wears many hats in his role but always puts a high customer service standard before anything else.

With over 25 years of transportation and management experience, Brent has brought his expertise and vast knowledge of the industry to this position. "You have to be able to adapt, think quickly on your feet, and be able to connect with all sorts of people," Brent said when explaining the complexities of his role. "From drivers to coordinators, to carriers and everyone in between, the key to success is building relationships."

Brent has had years of experience in the logistics industry, allowing him to be a great asset to coach team members on best practices and make stronger connections with our customers as he manages the day to day challenges. "Every day is a challenge, every day is new, and you never know what will be thrown your way. That's what I love about this job," Brent mentioned when asked about what he loves about being a Logistics Manager. "Every day, I can go home knowing that I have come up with a solution to improve our company and to make our customers happy."

When asked about the culture at NSSL, Brent has this to say: "Internally, we want everyone to succeed. No one steps on each other to get somewhere. We are a family, and I am lucky to be a part of it!"

Brent and his team are responsible for a vital link in the hydroelectric power supply chain in Canada, so his role is not only crucial to our success at NSSL, but he helps keep the lights on for millions of residents! From all of us here at NSSL, we appreciate the hard work Brent puts into his role, shaping our organization’s logistics operations into what it is today.