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Marc Massarotti

Operations Manager

Marc Massarotti has been with NSSL for 11 years.

Living and Leading Wholeheartedly

Marc Massarotti's Story

Marc Massarotti, now Operations Manager for NSSL’s U.S. division, isn’t one of those people who always knew from a young age exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up. He went to college and discovered a talent and passion for business—analyzing and handling financials, managing people. But when he got into his first position out of school, he quickly realized that sitting at a desk behind a computer all day, every day, left him with a hollow, disconnected feeling that was impossible to ignore.

In 2013, Marc reconnected with a former coworker. That coworker told Marc about an opportunity with an up-and-coming Canadian family owned business that had its sights set on expanding into the U.S. market. That coworker was NSSL’s very own Vice President of Business Development, Darren Fitzgerald.

Marc knew that taking the leap would be a risk—after all, NSSL had still yet to secure its first U.S. customer. But there was something about the opportunity that sounded like it would fulfill what Marc had been missing: big growth potential, hands-on work, real people, new ideas and new territories.

He was in.

For the first few years, Marc learned NSSL’s organization from the ground up, pitching in with anyone who needed help in our Canadian markets while helping Darren explore opportunities in the U.S. He worked alongside the Stewart family on the operations side, learning the ins and outs of the trucks, how to move product, how to maneuver in all types of weather conditions, and most importantly, he learned the NSSL way of communicating with and managing employees. Marc saw firsthand the effectiveness of treating people with empathy and shoulder-to-shoulder coaching.

Then, in 2015, we landed our very first U.S. customer. Marc and Darren kept on pursuing growth, and by August 2016, Marc was overseeing 8 U.S. sites.

Marc continues to cultivate the culture of NSSL through his interactions with employees and customers every day. He spends three days each week on the road visiting customer sites across New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts, most of which operate 24/7. He thrives on solving problems and shows his daily dedication by always being available. Every one of Marc’s customers and every driver in his market has his phone number, so he’s always a phone call, text, or email away.

Marc’s business acumen coupled with his enjoyment of a “boots on the ground” approach have added up to deliver on NSSL’s promise to our customers and employees. Marc’s story demonstrates that when you commit yourself to doing something great, you can have an immense impact on your own personal fulfillment and the experiences of all the people you encounter.