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Kevin Gilmore

Software Engineer

Kevin Gilmore has been with NSSL for 12 years.

Advancing Capabilities with Technology

Kevin Gilmore's Story

From a young age, NSSL software engineer Kevin Gilmore has been technologically inclined. While most other kids were content to simply play video games, Kevin wanted to learn more about the way they worked. So, he began trying his hand at programming games during his youth, and as his coding knowledge grew, he expanded his skills to begin working on websites.

Kevin attended college focusing his studies on power engineering. While he was earning his degree, he also worked installing internet lines and television satellites for rural customers. After receiving his degree, he went to work in the nuclear sector as a stationary engineer, running and maintaining heavy power generation equipment.

When he joined NSSL in October 2012, Kevin started in a more general IT role. Working alongside another team member, they were responsible for responding any time a piece of technology would stop functioning properly—from phones, to copiers, to fax machines, to computers and software.

As he began to get to know the organization, Kevin noticed big opportunities for improvement in NSSL’s software systems, including Shuntware and reporting. Calling upon his previous experience in building reporting systems and his love for coding, he built a brand new reporting system that eliminated the weaknesses he saw in the old system.

Another thing he noticed was that customers were calling at all hours of the day and night, and he quickly realized there were some opportunities with the initial version of Shuntware. Kevin stepped up to shoulder the responsibility of customer support with the software, while simultaneously working in the background to create a more stable platform that would operate more smoothly.

Kevin’s flexibility and willingness to take on additional responsibility to support the operation were pivotal in the development and launch of the following versions of Shuntware. Kevin is also one of those rare software guys who enjoys interacting with customers. He is deeply involved in the integration process, launch, and training of every Shuntware implementation across the entire NSSL system. He also spends shoulder-to-shoulder time with customers when new versions of Shuntware are rolled out, ensuring updates run smoothly and don’t negatively impact our customers’ supply chain or operations.

At NSSL, the passion and willingness to raise your hand and take on a challenge is something we value highly as an organization. Kevin’s success and growth in his role have made a big positive impact on the quality of our software and the experience of our employees and customers.
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