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Travis Doyle

Vice President of Program Integration & Development

Travis Doyle has been with NSSL for 5 years.

As VP of Program Integration and Development for NSSL Travis wears many hats, but always puts a high customer service standard before anything else.

Travis Doyle's Story

Meet the Vice President of Program Integration and Development for NSSL, Travis Doyle. He began as a consultant with us in 2017 and became an official team member in 2019—his role includes leading our software development team and leading new project deployments and site start-ups. Travis wears many hats in his role but always puts a high customer service standard before anything else, understanding our customers and our company on what a successful yard looks like.

When working as a consultant for NSSL, Travis helped our company scale quickly with integrated technology efforts. From conversations with the leadership team, Travis worked on finding a way to better track and manage data metrics. He also implemented a standardized project deployment methodology and started driving performance improvements and efficiencies based on data metrics taken directly from their yard. “It’s rewarding to see the results that the team has achieved providing value added solutions to customers,” Travis said when talking about his love of what he does for NSSL.

After his consulting work, our leadership team added Travis to our team full-time. As an NSSL team member, his flexibility and willingness to take on new challenges and additional responsibilities to support the operations have been pivotal. He leads collaborations between our customers, operations and development teams in designing new software features within Shuntware. This cross-functional approach ensures NSSL is always bringing the most innovative methods for managing our customer’s yards and the different KPI’s that can drive success for us and our customers using Shuntware.

Travis has brought significant improvements and changes to NSSL’s yard management platform for our customers and our team. One of the substantial technology developments he onboarded for NSSL was digitization and mobilization of our safety program, SEE ME (Safe + Efficient + Execution = Maintaining Excellence). Powered by I-Auditor software, this program allows NSSL to take full, proactive ownership of the safety practices in your yard no matter how far apart our facilities may be.

Travis continuously brings a rigorous work ethic and a “roll up your sleeves” attitude to his position from his over 20 years of experience in the automotive manufacturing industry. “It’s an industry (automotive) that is very rigorous of measuring performance quality and service,” Travis mentioned when talking about how he has applied his past experiences to his current role. “I think that is why I excel in my current role because all of those industry standards from automotive apply here.”

When asked about the culture at NSSL, Travis had this to say: “We have a very small, family type of feel, but by no means are we a small company. Everybody wants to get stuff done and is very aligned in heading to the same goals to better improve the lives of our customers when it comes to their yard management.”

Travis has impacted the NSSL team enormously. He has shaped our organization’s software by implementing proactive safety measures and consistently improving Shuntware to get our customer’s yard management more efficient, safe, and secure.