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Ian Wylie

Director of Risk Management

Ian Wylie has been with NSSL for 7 years.

Protecting employees, customers, and our business in every way possible

Ian Wylie's Story

Our monthly team member spotlight is on our Director of Risk Management, Ian Wylie. His role requires the upkeep of protecting people, property, compliance, and National Shunt Service profits. Ian has been with NSSL SInce 2017, working closely with the senior management team, ensuring everyone is compliant with company risk regulation requirements.

Ian has had a previous 14 years working professionally in the risk management field, making him a reliable and educated leader in the NSSL team. He manages his time working with both NSSL on risk management compliances and their clients. His role is necessary to balance and educate both parties to improve their regulatory affairs with risk management and keep their risk near zero.

When talking about his position, Ian had this to say about a company's dedication to compliance, “If you’re not compliant, you are not even on the field; once you are on the field, you can start moving toward the goal line.”

Ian is soon transitioning into his retirement but will still be on board as a consultant for complicated issues and advice when needed as NSSL. When talking about NSSL, he described his time and leadership team here as “very entrepreneurial.” Ian has the fortune of ending his career working with this exceptional company and making it the “greatest risk management company there is!”

When asked about his role as Director of Risk Management at National Shunt Service Logistics, Ian had this to say, “There is tremendous value in being able to provide the client with the certainty of outcome. Their (the client’s) operations, assets, and obligations to the world are most safely placed in the hands of NSSL.”

Ian has impacted the NSSL workplace enormously. He has shaped the organization of our team by professionalizing its risk management approach. His focus is to protect employees, customers, and our business in every way possible.
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