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Set w moves calc page

Yard Shape:
yard min: 3
yard calc: 4.5
yard nssl: 6
yard max: 7.5

Global Settings
Cost / Hour - Customer: 65
calc value: 50
ym savings: 10%
sop impact: $1500
max shunt trucks: 8

pulled from form

# Shunt Trucks:
Days Per Week:
Hours in a Shift:

Shifts per Day:
What is your average Moves Per Hour:
Do you have yard management software:
Do you have SOPs in place:


Available Operating: 0
Billable: 0

Weekly Moves: 0

Estimated Man Power: NAN


client weekly moves...
YMS Savings: 0
Revised Weekly Moves: 0

Moves Per Hour: 6

Revised Billed: 0
SOP: 0