Transport Truck 1 National Shunt Service Limited is a family-owned and operated business with more than 25 years of experience in the area of yard management. Beyond that, our family has worked extensively in the transportation and logistics sector for generations. Our history is routed as a small carrier operating within the Eastern Lake Ontario region, one truck and a growing client base. It was here that we established ourselves as a solution oriented service provider by appreciating the lack of expertise and specialization provided by the 3PL sector when it came to managing their clients’ yards. Identifying this niche is what lead to the pioneering of the Total Yard Management™ solution provider we are today. We still offer our clients the breadth of service they come to expect when considering a third-party logistics provider, such as dedicated fleet, warehousing, cross-docking, broker service, etc. But we also understand our greatest value to our partners comes in the form of improving overall efficiencies once the freight hits the gate.

Transport Truck 2

Over the course of perfecting the yard management service provision, we learned there was a future requirement of merging technology within the process. The directive of National Shunt, as a proactive solution provider, brought us to the realization that we could further increase the rate of return for our partners by developing our very own software system. This was the birth of Shuntware™. Internally developed, with our knowledge of the yard management puzzle and overall supply chain process, we focused on the general weaknesses of terminals and manufacturing facilities as it pertains to reducing trailer moves, congestion of warehouse doors, misplaced trailers or inventory, and of course demurrage from a mismanaged yard. Furthermore, our experience within the logistics field gave us the insight into what sort of metrics would be critical to the Operations Manager within a retail, manufacturing, or wholesaler facility to provide the reports necessary to this business line. National Shunt also understands the requirements of each terminal, warehouse, and manufacturing facility are unique and we have the ability to assess your needs and customize our Total Yard Management™ program as needed.

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It is Shuntware™ that makes the difference from other yard jockeys and software solution providers - we built it, we use it, we know it. Why trust your yard management to a software developer that only dabbles in logistics? Our expertise and experience leads to superior, unrivalled, execution.