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Unlock the full potential of your yard with NSSL's integrated yard management solutions.

Our unique approach, expertly trained drivers, modern fleet and integrated technology sets the standard for operational excellence. Discover a partnership that transforms challenges into opportunities — watch our video to see the future of yard management in action.

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Yard Management Logistics

  • Shunting
  • Gate House Operations
  • Field Operations
  • Shuttling
  • Shuntware


Shunting, often mistakenly referred to as jockeying, spotting, yarding, or switching, is much more than moving trailers. Shunting is a data-driven operation that presents endless opportunities for continued improvement. Over the past two and a half decades, our take-ownership approach to shunting has saved our clients $3.5 Million on equipment alone.

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Gate House Operations

Often overlooked as a potential bottleneck in high-volume distribution centers, we provide highly trained personnel to man and operate your gatehouse(s). Our team of full-time employees understands that properly managed inbound traffic, dock schedules, and check-in/check-outs add thousands of dollars to the bottom line over the course of months and years.

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Field Operations

What sets NSSL apart from shunting or spotting companies that may appear similar, is our holistic approach to yard management. We assign a dedicated yard manager to each site, who oversees the day-to-day operations so that you can focus on the things that make your company successful.

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When a service plan calls for it, or when the need arises during peak seasonal demands, NSSL is fully staffed and equipped to support shuttling services without the need for 3rd party subcontracting. This is just another means by which we’re better able to serve our clients.

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To fully capitalize on our team of trained professionals and premium shunting fleet, NSSL needed a dedicated Yard Management Software (YMS). Unlike other systems, Shuntware® was designed by experienced yard management professionals, with the help of a select group of software developers. By radically improving the visibility of inventory throughout the yard, Shuntware® is able to improve efficiency by way of reducing the number of moves or hours of support in a given year by as much as 25%.

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Investing in Future Growth: Making More Strategic Moves with a Fortune 500 Retailer

The customer is an American multinational department store chain that operates warehouses in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to supply its nearly 500 stores across Canada. The company is a leading retailer for off-price fashions and home goods, boasting more than $33 billion in annual revenue and employing 235,000 people worldwide.

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