National Shunt is determined to be the best in the industry. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important priority for our clients, so it has for us. By nature, our service provides positive environmental impact – reducing idle time, reducing the amount of trailer moves, removing tractors from the yard, and drivers experienced in shunting – all lead to lower fuel consumption and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Not to mention, our late model fleet of specially designed terminal tractors are a vast improvement over older, retired on-road tractors some providers assign to yard management, when considering consumption efficiency. Furthermore, our strict maintenance schedule ensures our equipment is optimally tuned to decrease fuel cost and improve environmental impact.

Still, we are positioned to go a step further in the sustainability initiative to meet our clients’ needs. Whether it be alternative fuel sources, such as natural gas or biodiesel, we have connected with various resources to ensure that we are able to meet our clients’ ever evolving environmental standards – should our client make the demand, National Shunt is prepared.