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Essential Services Logistics Support

If you are operating an essential services business and facing logistics challenges, NSSL is here to help you. We’re all in this together to keep our supply chain strong. 1 (877) 409-0800

How We Can Help

No matter the size of your business, NSSL’s focus is to keep essential services running smoothly. If you’re near a location we currently service, we can help you find solutions to get through this crisis. 

On-Demand Shunting

Our on-demand service helps businesses keep moving when volume fluctuates and yard operators are stretched thin. We get drivers and equipment to your site quickly, jump right in, and get the job done.

Driver Resources & Recruitment

Our network of drivers can be mobilized to alleviate the challenges of labor shortages. We can also offer remote recruitment support to help your human resources department get the message out about available positions.

Equipment Rental

We have dry van trailers and shunt vehicles available if you’re seeking extra assets. 

Logistics Advice

The current landscape has presented us with complex challenges that many have never faced before. Although this is the case, NSSL’s vast team of yard management experts is available as a resource to talk through what you’re facing.


Our proprietary yard management software, Shuntware, can help deliver a quick solution to provide the visibility that you need for off site storage yards and to manage your inbound and outbound trailer flow.


If your logistics needs are extending beyond the yard, we can help you get your trailers where they need to go with our localized shuttle support.  

Focused on Essential Services

NSSL currently supports many customers in critical supply chains across North America such as grocery retailers, drug stores, utilities, rail terminals, and consumer goods. These quick-response services are only for businesses that have been deemed essential services by their territory or state. While regulations vary from location to location, essential services typically include: 

  • Food services and accommodations
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Agriculture and food production
  • Utilities and community services
  • Health care, seniors care, and social services
  • Retail and wholesaling
  • Institutional, residential, commercial, and industrial maintenance
  • Construction
  • Businesses that produce inputs or raw materials necessary for priority services


Where We Offer On-Site Support

We can offer logistics advice and remote recruitment support for essential services everywhere. However, we are only able to offer emergency on-site support for businesses in our current network. Here’s where we are equipped to help:


Get the help you need.

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