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Peter Blane

Regional Operations Manager

Peter Blane has been with NSSL for 9 years.

As Regional Operations Manager for western Canada, BC and Alberta, Peter brings lessons learned from his Rugby days into his role at NSSL.

Peter Blane's Story

In Rugby, there is no forward passing allowed. This means that the ball is passed from player to player in order to score, rather than one person running down the field so teamwork is paramount to reaching the goal. This is something Peter Blane knows well. They are lessons he embodied on the field playing for some of the larger Rugby clubs in New Zealand, and a philosophy he brings to his role as Regional Operations Manager for western Canada, BC and Alberta.

Beginning his career as a part time delivery driver in a small warehouse, before returning to Canada, Blane worked his way up to the position of Supervisor/Ops Manager for Maersk, ultimately becoming the GM of his own building. It was there he learned the importance of yard management, specifically shunting. When the opportunity to join the NSSL family presented itself, Peter jumped on the chance.

“The fact that NSSL found a niche in the distribution world was exciting and that their projected and real growth is a great story I wanted to be part of,” said Blane when asked what attracted him to NSSL.

Peter wears a lot of hats in his role as Regional Operations Manager; Sales, Operations and HR, among others. He understands that what separates NSSL from other Shunt companies is their focus on safety and their innovative yard management system. After years working in a warehouse, he sees just how much value their approach brings to their clients.

He also knows the importance of driver retention and takes a lot of pride in the fact that most of them have been with him for most of his career at NSSL.

“I think it’s important to communicate with the team and share my perspective,” Blane said. “You need to have your team on your side and showing them the process is a big part of that, and the team we’ve assembled is second to none.”

Peter knows that just like in Rugby, the only way to succeed in yard management is through teamwork. He embodies this in every interaction he has and every decision he makes. Whether he’s on the field or in the yard, he recognizes the sum is greater than the parts.