Make New Moves With On-Demand Shunting

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On-demand shunting

NSSL has launched a new, cost-effective shunting program for companies with lower, irregular volumes of moves in the yard. Within 1 week, NSSL will have your yard up and running with our exclusive yard management software platform, Shuntware. Once Shuntware has been implemented, you can begin requesting moves immediately - staffing your request within as little as 2 hours.

Shuntware, the only yard management software platform built by a team with over 100 combined years of hands-on shunting and yard operation experience. Shuntware simplifies operational complexity by ensuring the most relevant data and insights are delivered regularly. And with our new, on-demand feature exclusive to those who have Shuntware, operational effectiveness and efficiencies just got better.

Who is on-demand shunting for?

If you have ever found yourself asking any of the below questions then on-demand shunting is for you.

Are you using long haul trucks for short haul moves?
Do you have trailer moves, but aren't ready for an on-site, dedicated shunting team?
Do your number of moves fluctuate from day-to-day?

What can Real-Time Shunting do for me?

Stop paying for staff you don't need and pay for help when you need it
Have confidence that your driver will show up on time, ready to work
Keep your options open for same-day moves that save you money
Book additional drivers up to a week in advance
Plan ahead with no long term commitments
Leverage the power of YMS data and insights at a fraction of the cost

How it Works

Step 1
Implement Shuntware
To use on-demand shunting your yard needs to be running on Shuntware. Our team makes this transition easy and can usually be done in less than a day. Once on Shuntware you'll have access to on-demand shunting and so much more.
Step 2
Request a Move
Login to Shuntware and submit your request, which our team receives within seconds.
Step 3
Track Your Moves
Keep track of move status including driver staffing, arrival, and completion, all within your Shuntware account.
Step 4
View Your Bill
Receive weekly invoices to ensure your budget stays on track.