The most important resource National Shunt will provide our operation is the human resource. Every level of labour your yard requires we can provide. Whether your facility needs a full-time presence, part-time ramp up to handle peak seasons or a special order, we are ready to provide the personnel that will step in on short notice and get the job done right.

Professional Shunt Drivers

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There are many firms that recruit and place talent either on a full-time, contract, or temporary basis. Some even say they specialize in industrial human resources. But would you trust the same HR agency that fills your reception desk to staff your shunt truck driver requirements? This is National Shunt’s business and we take our business seriously. Learn More >

When it comes to our operation we know that the human element of the service we provide is paramount to everything else. They are the face of National Shunt and they are the ones that live and breathe our Mission and Values.

Contrary to others’ approach, National Shunt hires drivers who make shunting their careers, which means we can handpick talent, thoroughly train them, and ensure they meet the standards of execution that are critical to the success of National Shunt and our clients. When you enlist the services of National Shunt, we are responsible for recruitment, on-boarding, payroll, employee engagement and management, and performance evaluation of our drivers operating on-site at your premises. This also means that as seasonal business ramps up, or manufacturing runs slow down, we adjust the manpower as needed to ensure we keep costs under control without compromising results and overall effectiveness. All this allows your operational managers to keep their focus on achieving their main business objectives while improving the bottom-line.


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The protection of your property, equipment, customer’s investments, and employees are not to be overlooked. The fact that security personnel play a role in the yard management process is just another factor when considering your service provider. Keeping your yard safe and the inventory housed on-site protected is a priority for any facility manager, no matter how big or small. Learn More >

Around the clock presence and the appropriate technology are imperative to ensuring your goods and equipment remain secure. Licensed, trained, and experienced guards will man your gatehouse and be stationed around your facility as requested. Our security consultation will assess and recommend the ideal system for your site, which will then be installed and administered.

But even more than just keeping your equipment, inventory, and people safe, security is an important component of TOTAL YARD MANAGEMENT. National Shunt considers TOTAL YARD MANAGEMENT a commprehensive solution that provides complete end-to-end visibility. We recognized the gatehouse as a blind spot in many facilities – misdirecting in-bound traffic, mismanaging dock schedules, and losing lead-time on check-ins and check-outs. All this may add up to a few minutes per load, but considering a facility with high-volume traffic this could equal tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Assigning National Shunt the responsibility of managing your yard security will eliminate another bottleneck in the yard management process – providing manpower trained with a focus on logistics, increasing visibility via Shuntware™ at the point of entry, and improved in-bound traffic management with bilateral communication from dispatch to the gatehouse. This is how National Shunt provides the only true TOTAL YARD MANAGEMENT solution, by servicing all aspects of the process. There is no other provider that can design and implement a truly comprehensive system to manage your terminal. The goal for your operation is to improve its efficiency, but for your operations team its one less contract to manage.


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What is on schedule, what is behind schedule, where is certain inventory being held, and the logical sequence of in-bound and out-bound loads are all critical elements of managing your yard effectively. The visibility National Shunt provides is key, but only as effective as those executing the process. Learn More >

Providing your firm the tools to administer your yard management plan with greater efficiency is National Shunt’s objective. However, critical to that success is utilizing these tools to their fullest and managing the resources optimally. Completing the turn-key solution is the provision of on-site dispatch to maximize the functionality of Shuntware™ and to execute a superior service in eliminating inefficiencies, realized by our decades of yard management. The real-time visibility provided by Shuntware™ is only as effective as the implementation process. Having a dispatcher dedicated to managing the in-bound, out-bound, and overall traffic flow within a yard is vital to an operation's overall success. Consistently monitoring the results in Shuntware will allow for a proactive approach to managing your yard, tracking late shipments, and adding an element of flexibility to eliminate undue costs and ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

At National Shunt, we are prepared to customize a solution to seamlessly integrate into your current business operation. We look forward to training your staff on the functionality of Shuntware™ and how to utilize the program in order to improve the yard management process. Better yet, we can assume the responsibility of dispatch dedicated to your yard and prevent the loss of production due to uptake time and adoption issues prevalent with software investment. Just another element of true TOTAL YARD MANAGEMENT provided by National Shunt.