As a business that works on-site using heavy equipment and in close conjunction with clients, it is absolutely critical that we promote a strong culture of safety among our personnel at National Shunt. Our record in the industry stands on its own merits, but we maintain a culture of constant vigilance to uphold these standards. Whether we are on or off the road, we recognize any issue puts our clients' reputation at stake. As a natural extension of our commitment to safety, we are always mindful of treating our clients' freight and finished goods with the utmost care.

Below are some initiatives National Shunt has in place as part of our above and beyond proactive approach:

While performing trailer movements at your terminal, warehouse, or manufacturing facility we want our clients to have total peace of mind and rest assured that we prioritize safety. In addition to our unwavering commitment to safety we, above all else, promote a culture of open-dialogue to ensure continuous improvement. At the end of the day, the goal is simple: Foster an environment with the shared mindset being safety is a journey not a destination.